The island of the senses

Simplicity and beauty come together in the beautiful island of Paros.

 From the breathtaking hills and villages to the golden sun reflected in the deep blue waters of the sea, Paros is bound to awaken all your senses. 

Unrivalled natural beauty, beaches of crystal clear waters, “unique” Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and amazing landscapes make Paros, located at the heart of Cyclades, one of the most beloved holiday destinations in Greece. 

Whether you prefer a quiet, peaceful holiday enjoying the beautiful nature and traditional Greek atmosphere, an active or educational one, or you would just like to party, you'll definitely find what you are looking for! 

Paros has the advantage of 2 main towns: There is Parikia, which is the capital of Paros, a picturesque Cycladic village with whitewashed houses and neoclassical villas.

The lovely village of Naoussa is built amphitheatrically around a tiny picturesque port where little colorful fishing boats called caiques moor and remains of a Venetian castle can still be seen, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere with little taverns, ouzeries & bars are boarding the port, giving a friendly and traditional atmosphere. 

Several years of personal time spent in the island and a vast professional experience from our team will provide you with all the necessary information and solutions to create the perfect itinerary for you, as you unwind and enjoy a stress free vacation in Paros